EPFL International Risk Governance Center

The activities of the IRGC Foundation are organised in collaboration with the EPFL International Risk Governance Center (irgc.epfl.ch). Under the direct responsibility of the EPFL Vice-presidency for Academic Affairs, IRGC is one of the EPFL centers that act at the interface between academic research and education, and business and policy.
IRGC is positioned to interact with all EPFL Centers and to contribute a ‘risk governance’ approach to their activities, focusing on how risk can be governed without stifling innovation by:

  • Making sense of emerging technological opportunities that the public sector can benefit from and should support
  • Identifying and analysing existing and emerging risks that both industry and public authorities should be aware of, in order to assess and make decisions about these risks. Risks can be:
    • Technical, e.g. potential negative consequences of new technology
    • Perceived, e.g. a ambiguous attitude towards a technology
  • Being a neutral platform for dialogue on opportunities and risks related to science and technology, with the aim of providing recommendations for their governance


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