Application guidelines

IRGC has developed draft Application Guidelines, which serve as a companion to the Risk Governance Deficits report and policy brief. They provide decision-makers with practical guidance in applying the concept of risk governance deficits in order to identify, evaluate and bridge potential deficits within their organisations or area of responsibility.

  • The Application Guidelines handbook presents a comprehensive (although not necessarily exhaustive) check-list of questions to aid in the identification of deficits, as well as a scale with which to evaluate their severity.

It also provides guidance on how to overcome each of the identified risk governance deficits through suggested actions for each area of deficits. These actions, once operationalised and adapted to organisational circumstances, will form the basis for a customised roadmap for each organisation to bridge its own deficits.

  • A PowerPoint slide presentation to accompany the handbook has been created for use in workshops and oral presentations.

Nb. These are generic tools that may need to be adapted to specific situations and organisational needs (some questions will be omitted, others will be added; they must be prioritised differently, for example using decision trees, etc.)

IRGC’s Application Guidelines documents are a work-in-progress. Both the handbook and slide presentation are available upon request from IRGC, however, they should be considered as drafts for improvement.

IRGC would welcome feedback from practitioners about the usefulness of these Application Guidelines in order to further improve and develop them.

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