2011 Annual Event: Roundtable 1 – How can we improve the anticipation of and early response to emerging risks?

2011 Annual Event: Roundtable 1 – How can we improve the anticipation of and early response to emerging risks?

Roundtable 1How can we improve the anticipation of and early response to emerging risks?

One of IRGC’s missions is to help organisations in the public or private sectors to improve their anticipation of emerging risks. In a context of globalisation and systemic risks, this proves to be a challenge to many. IRGC’s assumption is that new or emerging risks are not the same for all organisations. The context and the culture in which an organisation operates will determine to a large extent the risks that may affect it.

IRGC is conducting a project on emerging risks that takes place in two phases. Phase 1 focused on how and why risks emerge. It was concluded with the publication of a report on “Contributing Factors to Risk Emergence”. Phase 2 is starting now. Its purpose is to develop practical guidelines for practitioners in business and the public sector, helping them improve their own capabilities to understand, anticipate and respond to emerging risks.

The roundtable was a dialogue between scientists and practitioners on some of the issues raised in this project.

It was facilitated by Prof. Ortwin Renn, Stuttgart University, with Michel Maila, a member of the IRGC Board.

Some comments from participants

“…both the content and the presentations from various delegates were insightful and thought provoking”

“A good range and variety of speakers and participants, very good for making contact with actors from different organisational/business backgrounds.”

“Some issues that were discussed are issues under debate in (my organisation). Insights from the annual event provide useful input into those discussions.”

“Very transdisciplinary setting, with people involved who were interested to exchange their experience and ideas. The design was well set as it included IRGC work and additional work from other fields.”

Roundtable Content

1. Detailed Programme for Roundtable 1 [PDF]

2. Roundtable 1 Summary Report [PDF]

3. Roundtable 1 Presentations

-Introduction: The Emergence of Risks Contributing Factors [PDF](Michel Maila and Belinda Cleeland)

-OECD Approach to Future Global Shocks [PDF](Pierre-Alain Schieb)

-Dealing with Complexity: An Organisational Perspective [PDF](Gökçe Sargut)

-Identifying and Assessing Emerging Risks: A Reinsurance Perspective [PDF]Access for roundtable 1 participants, password required (Martin Weymann)

-Global Systemic Risks and Resilience: Policy-focused Research [PDF](Natalie Day)

-ER Types and the 5-step Protocol [PDF] Access for roundtable 1 participants, password required (Ortwin Renn and Marie Valentine Florin)

-Emergence and Risk Characterization [PDF] (Michel Maila)


Participants in roundtable 1 included a diverse mix of experts from the private sector (e.g. Syngenta, Nestlé, PwC, MunichRe, SwissRe, Oliver Wyman), public sector (government representatives including from Singapore, the Netherlands, Abu Dhabi and Switzerland), international organisations (e.g., OECD, WEF, UNISDR) and academia (e.g., Oxford University, Stuttgart University, EPFL, ETHZ).

IRGC partners:

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