Expert workshop – Using National Risk Assessment to develop Risk Management Capabilities at the Country Level

Expert workshop – Using National Risk Assessment to develop Risk Management Capabilities at the Country Level

12 December 2012

IRGC workshop at the OECD, Paris, France

IRGC invited to this workshop a small group of experts from selected countries, to discuss about “advanced” methods for all-hazards national risk assessment (“NRA”) and integrated risk management at the country level.

NRAs result from elaborate processes for identifying and assessing large-scale risks which can potentially severely affect territories and population and ultimately national and societal security.

Participants had expertise in the design of all-hazards national risk assessment -with feedback from experience-, or in the development and implementation of “whole-of-government” risk management approaches that are innovative and effective for improving how governments manage public risk.  The workshop discussed about how NRAs can be used for developing risk management capabilities, for prioritising resource allocation and for implementing corresponding risk financing strategies.

IRGC’s offers a neutral and independent platform for discussion and experience sharing. We believe that open discussion (under Chatham House rules) allows progress and can be beneficial to all participants. This expert workshop therefore created a space for dialogue in a closed setting about advanced tools for risk management. Participants shared their experiences and discussed methods, as well as considered constraints and how to overcome them.

A related initiative is the OECD High Level Risk Forum, which is a venue for senior policy makers and executives from key industries to advance the international policy agenda for building resilience to large scale risks.  The Forum aims to set forth principles and best practices in risk management for OECD Member countries. Its deliverables will contribute to the core goals of governments to provide safer and better lives, and help countries to take better advantage of globalization by identifying strategies to reduce associated risks. See for example the recent G20/OECD framework for methodological framework on disaster risk assessment and risk financing.

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