General Conference From Crisis Management to Risk Governance

General Conference From Crisis Management to Risk Governance

9 January 2013

Beijing, People’s Republic of China

The conference aimed to encourage the use of methods and tools for risk governance, and the development of policies and regulations based on the principles of risk governance. This requires investing in the creation of appropriate risk cultures, for risk awareness, assessment, prevention and management, in order to avoid or reduce the consequence of catastrophes and crises.

Risk accompanies change and is often accompanied by potential benefits and opportunities. Better risk governance implies enabling societies to benefit from change while minimising the negative consequences of the associated risks. The governance of global, systemic risks requires cohesion between countries and the inclusion within the process of government, industry, academia and civil society.

Speakers at the conference presented their views and recommendations for improving risk governance: how scientists and policy makers can promote better risk governance practices.

Chair: Philippe GILLET,Provost and vice-president EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland; Chairman, IRGC Board of Foundation

General Conference Agenda

Science and Policy for Risk Governance

José Mariano GAGO, Professor IST and President LIP; Member of IRGC Board of Foundation; Former minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal
Risk Governance and science policy; their hypothetical future and their interactions out of Equilibrium
Lan XUE, Professor and Dean, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University
The balancing act: risk governance in science and technology policy
Granger MORGAN, Professor and Head of the Department of Engineering and Public Policy,
Carnegie Mellon University
NEEDED: More and better ways to think about uncertain futures
Peijun SHI, Executive Vice-President, Beijing Normal University
Large-scale disasters governance in the context of global climate change

Implementing Risk Governance

He WANG, Executive Vice President of PICC Property and Casualty Company Ltd.
Risk culture and risk governance – an enterprise perspective
Robert WIEST, President, Swiss Re China; Member of the Asia Management Team
Importance of risk governance for the reinsurance
Margareta WAHLSTROM, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction
Risk governance to reduce disaster risk, illustrated by the Hyogo Framework for Action

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