Governance of Impacts of Precision Medicine

Governance of Impacts of Precision Medicine

Following the Health 2030 Symposium ‘Personalized Health in the Digital Age‘, IRGC organised a 1-day invitation-only expert workshop in Geneva on the Governance of Impacts of Precision Medicine.

In an open, facilitated roundtable discussion, 30 experts in the field of precision medicine, from various countries, disciplines and stakeholder groups, including research, policy, regulation, and industry convened to move forward an interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder agenda for the development of precision medicine in the world.

Participants discussed a series of questions, among others:

  • What will be the impacts of precision medicine?
  • How to avoid, prevent or mitigate the negative consequences and how to drive the innovation process?
  • How to organise data collection, use and sharing?
  • How can insurance schemes adapt?
  • How to adapt regulation and address the pacing problem?
  • Issues of public confidence that the ethical, social and economic consequences will be well managed.

The outcome from the workshop is a roadmap that recommends a comprehensive approach to the development of precision medicine.



Roadmap for Precision Medicine (Policy Brief, 2017) (pdf)

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