Governing risks and benefits of distributed ledger technology applications

Governing risks and benefits of distributed ledger technology applications

This workshop will contribute a risk governance perspective to exploring the opportunities that distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) potentially bring to how transactions are recorded and services are delivered. The workshop will primarily discuss applications in the medical and insurance sectors, and for institutional governance.


Providing recommendations on technological and governance options: How to chose the right technology and create appropriate governance and regulatory context conditions for DLTs, through improved understanding of the risks and opportunities related to their implementation in selected sectors?

Audience / Participants

35 experts from research, technology, industry, regulation, insurance and other stakeholder groups who are interested in collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches to improving the risk management, innovative capacity and applications of DLTs.


Open, facilitated roundtable discussion. Chatham House Rulewill apply.

Expected outcome

A two-pager will highlight major findings from the workshop. A more elaborate report will also be produced. The audience of these papers will be any actors interested in working collaboratively with others to create appropriate context conditions for the development of DLTs, and to build policy and societal trust in the use of the technology.

Draft programme

Thursday 15 June 2017, 15:30 – 21:00

  • Overview of expected benefits and governance challenges in the development of DLTs
  • Review of various technologies, focusing on aspects such as latency, scalability and cyber security protection (confidentiality, integrity and availability).
  • Workshop dinner

Friday 16 June 2017, 08:30 – 16:00

  • Specific issues, discussed in breakout groups:
    • Algoritghms (rule of code) and the rule of law
    • Protecting sensitive data against cybersecurity risks
    • The trust issue
    • Scalability and interoperability issues
  • Concluding remarks and way forward


The workshop will take place at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue in Rüschlikon near Zurich. For location and directions, please see here.

In order to get from the airport to the Centre, we recommend one of the three following options:

  • Train from Zurich Airport to Thalwil (direct, 5 trains per hour, ca. 25 min, CHF 8.60). From Thalwil train station, you can take a taxi to the Centre (ca. 7 min, ~ CHF 30.00)
  • Train from Zurich Airport to Rüschlikon (S24 direct, 2 trains per hour, ca. 30 min), 15 min walk from Rüschlikon train station to the Centre (uphill)
  • Taxi transfer from Zurich Airport (ca. 40 minutes, CHF 90.00 – CHF 120.00, depending on traffic)


Accommodation is available on site. Participants who need a room can indicate so on the registration form. IRGC will book it accordingly. Standard rate: CHF 300/night, breakfast included.


This is an invitation-only expert workshop. A registration form is provided separately.


For any question or more information, please contact Anca Rusu at or +41 21 693 8291.


Workshop overview, version February 2017 (pdf)

Draft programme: DLTs Risk Governance-Draft programme-11May (pdf)


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