Roundtable Discussion – IRGC Guidance on Emerging Risk Governance

Roundtable Discussion – IRGC Guidance on Emerging Risk Governance

On 6 June 2014, IRGC organised a roundtable discussion on the governance of emerging risks. The majority of participants were practitioners in the public and private sectors. Others were from academia, with expertise in various disciplines.

The objective of the roundtable was to discuss ways to help organisations better identify, evaluate, manage and communicate emerging risks. The event followed IRGC’s publication on the concept of risk emergence, with an analysis and characterization of what causes risks to emerge, amplify or attenuate (The Emergence of Risks: Contributing Factors, 2010). The event also followed IRGC’s analysis of emerging risk governance in the public sector (2012) and insights developed on risks associated with new technologies, system interactions and unforeseen or changing circumstances  (Improving the Management of Emerging Risks, 2011).

The workshop outcome contributed to the elaboration of IRGC’s overarching Guidelines on Emerging Risk Governance, as a set of flexible guidelines that would support public and private organisations in their work to design internal processes to proactively deal with emerging risks.

This project is led by Prof. Ortwin Renn, University of Stuttgart, and member of the IRGC Scientific & Technical Council.

Summary report of the roundtable discussion on emerging risk governance

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