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IRGC Resource Guide on Resilience (Volume 2)

November 2018

This collection of authored pieces provides in-depth and pragmatic evaluation of concepts and methods for resilience-based approaches (recovery from disruption) as opposed to risk-based approaches, for better articulating risk and resilience.

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IRGC Report: The Governance of Decision-Making Algorithms

November 2018

Following a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder expert workshop on the governance of decision-making algorithms in July 2018, this report highlights key risks around decision-making learning algorithms (DMLAs).

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Guidelines for the Governance of Systemic Risks

September 2018

IRGC’s guidelines for the governance of systemic risks address the question of how to deal with systemic risks in the context of transitions, i.e. in situations that require adaptation to new context conditions or transformation.

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IRGC Report: The Economics of Precision Medicine

April 2018

Stakeholders representing insurance and pharmaceutical companies, science and academia, regulatory institutions and patients discussed issues related to cost-effectiveness, affordability, value and innovative payment schemes in precision medicine.

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Governance of trust in precision medicine

November 2017

This report from a multi-stakeholder workshop summarises the discussions about the concept of trust and conditions of trustworthiness in each of the three stages or components of the precision medicine value chain.

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Update of the Introduction to the IRGC Risk Governance Framework 

December 2017

IRGC published an update of the short ‘introduction’ to the IRGC Framework that provides guidance for early identification and handling of risks, with illustrations of some of its components in various sectors.

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