Expert workshop on Risk Perception and Risk Culture

Expert workshop on Risk Perception and Risk Culture

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As part of the IRGC International conference on the theme of ‘From Crisis Management to Risk Governance’, IRGC organised  jointly with Tsinghua University,  an expert workshop on Risk Perception and Risk Culture.

One doesn’t have to look very deeply into any account of individuals, organisations, or societies dealing with risks to observe how psychological, social and cultural forces drive the perceptions and behaviours of individuals and stakeholders. Whether protestors are angry about a local waste incinerator, a financial industry is blind to mortgage derivative risk, or shoppers avoid foods made with genetically modified organisms, it is clear that people’s level of concern about risk and their preferences for risk-management solutions are powerfully influenced by characteristics of the risk and its context that go beyond simple measures of damage and cost.

This workshop explored the psychological, social and cultural factors that influence how risks are perceived, evaluated and acted upon by individuals and groups.Following several presentations to lay the groundwork, participants discussed research and practical policy measures that would enable risk managers to better cope with these human dimensions of risk. The discussion addressed both Chinese and international risk contexts.

Workshop Agenda

Welcome and introduction

Xiaofei XIE, Peking University
Ortwin RENN, University of Stuttgart
Moderator: Keith FLORIG,University of Florida

Session 1 – The view from Chinese experts: How to create a responsive risk culture in China

Xiaofei XIE,Peking University
The Expectation Discrepancy Effect: Risk Communication Barriers and the Intervention Strategies
Yongfang LIU,East China Normal University
Risk Preferences in Monetary Auction Tasks: The Roles of Self-esteem Levels and Genders
Wenxuan DING, Indiana University and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Modelling Risk Perception for Response Preparation

Session 2 – The view from outside China: Building blocks of risk culture formation

Ortwin RENN, University of Stuttgart
Risk Perception and Risk Culture
Keith FLORIG, University of Florida
Risk Culture in the Private Sector
Baruch FISCHHOFF, Carnegie Mellon University
Integrating Risk Perception and Analysis

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