Expert workshop on National Risk Assessments and Risk Management at the Country Level

Expert workshop on National Risk Assessments and Risk Management at the Country Level

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As part of the IRGC International conference on the theme of ‘From Crisis Management to Risk Governance’, IRGC organised  jointly with Tsinghua University,  an expert workshop on National Risk Assessment and Risk Management at the Country Level.

Governments have to manage a portfolio of threats of different nature that may affect their territory or citizens, either directly or indirectly. These threats include, for example, large-scale natural or industrial hazards.

In order to identify, assess and evaluate these threats, some governments have developed “all-hazards national risk assessments” (NRAs). They have structures and processes in place to identify and assess large-scale risks that can potentially affect their territories and population severely, and to compare them according to their expected frequency and severity.

Workshop Agenda

Welcome and introduction by the co-chairs

Hui DING, President, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology
Donald JOHNSTON, former Secretary General of the OECD and Chairman of IRGC

Session 1 – Assessing risk in China

Zongchao PENG, Centre for Crisis Management Research, Tsinghua University
Feng CAO,School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University
The Risk Assessment of Social Stability in China
Kaibin ZHONG, National Institute of Emergency Management, Chinese Academy of Governance (CAG)
The Shift of Risk Assessment in China: From Departmentalized to full integration

Session 2 – Introduction to All-Hazards National Risk Assessment and Whole-of-Government Risk Management at the Country Level

Michael OBORNE, Oxford University, IRGC
The Need for Governments to Develop All-hazards National Risk Assessment, and Whole-of government Integrative Approach to Risk Management
Stéphane JACOBZONE, OECD, Directorate on Public Governance and Territorial Development
Country Risk Assessment and Management, an OECD approach

Session 3 – Country experiences

John TESH, Independent Expert
All-hazards National Risk Assessment for Country Risk Management
Jonathan NG, Centre for Strategic Futures, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore
Whole-of-government Integrated Risk Management in Singapore
Patrick HELM, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, New Zealand
Balancing Risk and Resilience: A system’s Approach for Security

Panel discussion – ‘What is relevant for China’?
• Discussion with speakers and other experts


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