Autonomous Cars (2016)

Most risks involved in car driving and road safety will change with the advent of autonomous cars. Engineers, scientists and car manufacturers are developing the technologies that will progressively enable personal vehicles to drive fully autonomously, but there are a number of uncertainties that need to be resolved, including issues of standards and interoperability, public acceptability, cyber security, insurance or liability in case of accident.

Risks and their management are being re-evaluated, notably by modelling the driving behaviour of the car to enable accurate qualitative and quantitative assessment, and by addressing liability concerns that may otherwise slow or even prevent consumer access to advanced autonomous vehicle technology.

The revision of vehicle regulation will require strong collaboration between regulators, insurance companies, car manufacturers and software companies, and an incremental approach that will allow progressive adaptation of the regulation to emerging autonomous vehicle technologies, as well as to the outcome of ex-post regulatory impact assessments that collect and integrate feedback from evidence (accident and incident databases) into planned revisions.

Project steps:

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