IRGC Related Publications

IRGC’s concepts and methods are widely cited and applied also in external publications. Below, you will find a selection of recent IRGC related articles and publications:

From 2017, more information on IRGC’s publications is available on the EPFL IRGC website.





  • Dreyer, M. & Renn, O. (2014). EFSA stakeholder and public involvement policy and practice: A risk governance perspective. In A. Alemanno & S. Gabbi (Eds.), Foundations of EU food law and policy (pp. 171-191). Dorchester: Ashgate.
  • Dreyer, M. & Renn, O. (2014). EFSA’s involvement policy: Moving towards an analytic-deliberative process in EU food safety governance? In C. Holst (Ed.), Expertise and democracy (pp. 323-352). Oslo: University of Oslo Press.
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  • Renn, O. & Dreyer, M. (2014). Risk Governance: Ein neues Steuerungsmodell  zur Bewältigung der Energiewende. In J. Ostheimer & M. Vogt (Eds.), Die Moral der Energiewende. Risikowahrnehmung im Wandel am Beispiel der Atomenergie (pp. 211-229). Stuttgart: Kohlhammer.
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  • Schweizer, P.-J. & Renn, O. (2014). IRGC projekt ‘A resource guide for developing and implementing science-based stakeholder involvement research: Policy, strategies, and practice’. In DIALOGIK (Ed.), Innovativ und partizipativ: Einblicke in die Arbeit von Dialogik (pp. 25-42). Stuttgart: Universität Stuttgart und DIALOGIK.


  • Jovanovic, A. S. & Renn, O. (2013). Search for the ‘European way’ of taming the risks of new technologies: The EU research project iNTeg-Risk. Journal of Risk Research, 16(3-4), 271-274.
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  • Wachinger, G., Begg, C., Renn, O. & Kuhlicke, C. (2013). The risk perception paradox: Implications for governance and communication of natural hazards. Risk Analysis, 33(6), 1049-1065.


  • Boholm, A., Corvellec, H. & Karlsson, M. (2012). The practice of risk governance: Lessons from the field. Journal of Risk Research, 15(1), 1-20.
  • Wintle, B. C. & Cleeland, B. (2012). Interpreting risk in international trade. Journal of Risk Research, 15(3), 293-312.


  • Brasse, E. P., Lofstedt R. & O. Renn (2011). Improving the decision-making process for non-prescription drugs: A framework for benefit-risk assessment. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 90(6), 791-803.

2010 and older

  • Bunting, C., Renn, O. & Florin, M.-V. (2007). Introduction to the IRGC risk
    governance Framework. The John Liner Review, 21(2), 7.
  • European Commission, Study on Risk Governance of European Critical Infrastructures in the ICT and Energy Sector, prepared for the European Commission by Risk Solutions, ESR Technologies and Dialogik (2009). This study applies the IRGC risk governance framework to risk governance in critical infrastructure. It is available here.
  • R. Steen and T. Aven, Comparisons and Discussion of Different Integrated Approaches, Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications, Vol.1-4 (2009)
  • Christopher Bunting, The International Risk Governance Council, its approach to risk governance and how public policy could benefit from improved risk governance, Horizons Canada (2009)
  • Piet Sellke and Ortwin Renn, Risk Governance of Pervasive Computing Technologies (2008)
  • Jiang Jiadong, Zhao Hanping, Huang Chongfu and al. at Beijing Normal University,  Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Risk Analysis and Crisis Response, Advances in Intelligent System Research, Vol.2 (2007)


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