Case studies

Following the publication of IRGC White Paper, “Risk Governance – Towards an Integrative Approach” in 2005, the IRGC risk governance framework was tested to confirm its practicability (e.g. applicability, robustness and explanatory power) by applying it to a number of different risk fields.
This work has largely been carried out by experts in each of the seven risk topics that were addressed:

Each of these case studies was included in the book : “Global Risk Governance: Concept and Practice using the IRGC framework” and can be downloaded by clicking on the topic titles above.
Please note that these case studies are presented in their pre-final version and we apologise for any errors you may encounter in the text.

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“Global Risk Governance: Concept and Practice using IRGC framework”, Ortwin Renn, Katherine D. Walker, Springer, 2008

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