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Dr Igor Linkov (Risk and Decision Science Team Lead, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, and Adjunct Professor of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University), Marie-Valentine Florin (IRGC) and Benjamin Trump (ORISE Fellow, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center) served as coordinators and editors for this collection of authored pieces.

Final editing work was done by Marcel Bürkler and Anca Rusu (IRGC).


To reference a paper from the IRGC Resource Guide on Resilience, please cite including the following information:

Volume 1: Author (2016). Title. In Florin, M.-V., & Linkov, I. (Eds.), IRGC Resource Guide on Resilience Volume 1. Lausanne: EPFL and International Risk Governance Council (IRGC).


ISBN 978-2-9701188-0-0

Volume 2: Author (2018). Title. In Trump, B. D., Florin, M.-V., & Linkov, I. (Eds.). IRGC Resource Guide on Resilience (vol. 2): Domains of resilience for complex interconnected systems. Lausanne, CH: EPFL International Risk Governance Center.


ISBN 978-2-9701188-1-7

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