Volume 2

The second volume of IRGC’s resource guide on resilience (2018):

  • Provides in-depth and pragmatic evaluation of concepts and methods for resilience-based approaches in contrast to risk-based approaches, as proposed and practiced in different domains of science and practice. Adequate articulation of risk and resilience is key to ensure security in systems.
  • Considers possible drawbacks of resilience, such as when resilience does not discourage inappropriate risk-seeking behavior
  • Discusses the relevance and role of resilience as a strategy to address challenges posed by systemic risks that develop in complex adaptive systems (CAS). Such systems are interconnected, with the result that risks can cascade within and between systems. Resilience can help steer dynamic changes in CAS, as those evolve in response to internal and external shocks and stresses.

All papers: A compilation of all papers including introduction and conclusion is available for download here (pdf).

An introduction to 2nd volume of the resource guide on resilienceLinkov, Florin & Trump
A Janus-faced resource: Social capital and resilience trade-offsAldrich, Page-Tan & Fraser
Ecological resilienceAllen & Twidwell
From security to resilience: New vistas for international responses to protracted crises Anholt & Boersma
The importance of resilience-based strategies in risk analysis, and vice versaAven & Thekdi
Resilience as an integrative, measurable concept for humanitarian and development programming Barrett & Upton
Resilience to global catastropheBaum
Conceptualizing risk and unit resilience in a military contextCato, Blue & Boyle
Resilience in the context of systemic risks: Perspectives from IRGC’s guidelines for the governance of systemic risksFlorin & Trump
Resilience analysis of urban critical infrastructure: A human-centred view of resilienceFuruta & Kanno
Robustness and reconfigurability – Key concepts to build resilienceHeinimann
Resilience of systems to individual risk and systemic riskHochrainer-Stigler, Boza, Colon, Poledna, Rovenskaya & Dieckmann
Technological surprise and resilience in military systemsKott
Mindfulness and the risk-resilience trade-off in organizationsKudesia & Reb
Resilience and robustness in ecological systemsLevin
Considerations of resilience management in transportationNogal & O’Connor
Resilience: Moving forward from a metaphorPalma-Oliveira & Trump
Resilience assessment in homeland securityPetit
Unlocking organizational resiliencePulakos & Lusk
Advances in analyzing and measuring dynamic economic resilienceRose & Dormady
The case for systemic resilience: Urban communities in natural disastersStojadinović
Resilience of critical infrastructure systems: Policy, research projects and tools Theocharidou, Galbusera & Giannopoulos
Resilience analytics by separation of enterprise schedules: Applications to infrastructureThorisson & Lambert
Resilience is a verbWoods
Managing energy transition through dynamic resilienceYoung & Wilkinson