Volume 1

Papers can be searched for key words. They are listed by author (in alphabetical order) and allocated to one type:

  • Concept
  • Approach
  • Illustration or case study

and one sector:

  • Engineering / infrastructure
  • Ecological
  • Social / community
  • Business
  • Cross-cutting

All papers: A compilation of all papers including introduction and conclusion is available for download here (pdf).

Resilience: Approaches to Risk Analysis and GovernanceIgor Linkov, Benjamin D. Trump, Cate Fox-Lent
PanarchyDavid G. Angeler, Ahjond S. Garmestani, Craig R. Allen
Ecological ResilienceCraig R. Allen, Ahjond S. Garmestani, Shana Sundstrom and David G. Angeler
Infrastructure Network ResilienceKash Barker, Jose E. Ramirez-Marquez
Validating Resilience and Vulnerability Indices in the Context of Natural DisastersLaura A. Bakkensen, Cate Fox-Lent, Laura Read, Igor Linkov
Operationalize Data-driven Resilience in Urban Transport SystemsEmanuele Bellini, Paolo Nesi, Pedro Ferreira
The New Resilience Paradigm - Essential Strategies for a Changing Risk LandscapeJoseph Fiksel
Measuring Urban Resilience As You Build It - Insights from 100 Resilient CitiesLeah Flax, Amy Armstrong, Liz Yee
Resilience in IRGC's Recommendations for Risk Governance (Risk Governance Framework)Marie-Valentine Florin
Resilience to Unexpected Impacts of Emerging Risks in IRGC's Recommendations for the Governance of Emerging RisksMarie-Valentine Florin
Five Impediments to Building Societal ResilienceStephen E. Flynn
USACE Resilience Assessment Methodologies - Engineering and InfrastructureCate Fox-Lent, Julie D. Rosati, Katherine T. Touzinsky
Resilience - Preparing Energy Systems for the UnexpectedStefan Gößling-Reisemann
Resilience Engineering and Quantification for Sustainable Systems Development and Assessment: Socio-technical Systems and Critical InfrastructureIvo Häring, Benjamin Scharte, Alexander Stolz, Tobias Leismann, Stefan Hiermaier
A Generic Framework for Resilience AssessmentHans Rudolf Heinimann
Managing Extraordinary Risks: Proactive and Reactive StrategiesPatrick Helm
A Business Continuity Perspective on Organisational ResilienceDr Brahim Herbane
Resilience Engineering and Indicators of ResilienceIvonne Herrera
Formalizing Resilience Concepts for Critical InfrastructureHynes, W.M., Purcell, S.M., Walsh, S.D. Ehimen, E.
Organizational Resilience - How Do You Know If Your Organization Is Resilient or NotLeena Ilmola
Principles for Resilient Design - A Guide for Undestanding and ImplementationScott Jackson
Use of Indicators for Assessing Resilience of Smart Critical InfrastructuresA.S. Jovanovic, N. Schmid, P. Klimek, A. Choudhary
Risk and Resilience Management in Social-Economic SystemsTatyana Kovalenko, Didier Sornette
Implementation and Measurement of Strategies for the Unpredictable: Imprivsation and Revising the Blame GameP. H. Longstaff
A Tiered Approach to Resilience AssessmentIgor Linkov & Cate Fox-Lent
Advancing Resilience through LawGary E. Marchant
The Quest for Enterprise Resilience: Navigating Complex Systems to Survive and ThriveCharley Newnham, James Crask
Two Applications of Resilience Concepts and Methods: Offshore Installations and Critical InfrastructuresKnut Øien
Modern Resilience: Moving Without MovementJosé Manuel Palma-Oliveira, Benjamin D. Trump
Ecological & Social-ecological Resilience - Assessing and Managing Change in Complex SystemsAllyson Quinlan, Lance Gunderson
Inclusive Resilience: A New Approach to Risk GovernanceOrtwin Renn
Creating Value Through ResiliencePaul E. Roege
Measuring Economic Resilience to Disasters: An OverviewAdam Rose
Engineeering Resilience in Critical InfrastructuresProf. Dr. Giovanni Sansavini
Towards a Cross-disciplinary Understanding and Operationalisation of Resilience for Environmental DevelopmentJochen Schanze
A Multidimensional Review of Resilience: Resources, Process, and OutcomesMarcus L. Snell, Daniel A. Eisenberg, Thomas P. Seager, Susan Spierre Clark, Young Joon Oh, John E. Thomas, Lauren R. McBurnett
Natural Hazard Disaster Risk Reduction as an Element of Resilience: Considerations about Insurance and LitigationEdward A. Thomas
Resilience Analytics for Systems of Systems: Literature and Resource GuideHeimir Thorisson, James H. Lambert
Critical Infrastructure ResilienceEric D. Vugrin
Enhancing Community Resilience: Practical Resources in Addressing the Collaboration GapStephen Diarmuid Walsh MIPI AIED, Martina Madden, Stephen M. Purcell
UN City Disaster Resilience ScorecardPeter Williams, Dale Sand
Measuring the Resilience of Infrastructure SystemsHenry H. Willis
Resilience as Graceful Extensibility to Overcome BrittlenessDavid D. Woods
On Resilience-based Risk GovernanceJianhua Xu, Lan Xue
Aligning Different Schools of Thought on Resilience of Complex Systems and NetworkDavid J. Yu, P. Suresh C. Rao, Christopher J. Klinkhamer, Elisabeth H. Krueger, Nikhil Sangwan, Kyungmin Sung
Flood ResilienceChris Zevenbergen
Concluding Remarks to the IRGC Resource Guide on ResilienceMarie-Valenting Florin, Igor Linkov